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Dirt Work

Dirt Work, Earth Moving, & Caliche


Key Benefits

  • Many years in the 'Dirt Work' field give you the advantage.
  • Top of the Line "GPS" guided equipment get your large projects done for less money, in less time, with complete accuracy.
  • Safety
  • Capabilities

    Trackhoe, Backhoe, Bulldozer, Compactors, Belly-dumps, Dump Trucks, Graders, Scrapers; if you need locations leveled, roads completed or upgraded, dirt dug up, piled up, hauled off or packed down, we can do the job for you.

    Capability 1

  • Oil Field roads, drilling sites, all round heavy dirt work.
  • Capability 2

  • Containment barriers for soil and ground water protection whether dirt, metal or synthetic we can get you up to compliance.
  • Capability 3

  • Live in the country? Tired of that drive from the pavement to your house? Road construction and maintenance, including; Caliche, Gravel, or just a good 'grade' for water runoff and getting the ruts out, this is one of those places "GPS" technology shines. NO LOST TIME OR MONEY in survey crews. GPS can do that road, well site, parking lot, or any project to within a 1/4" grade. Get your parking lots built with stone or crushed cement. We do work for some of the biggest names in the country; Valero, British Petroleum (BP), Conoco-Phillips, Devon Energy, Xcel Energy and others. Give us a try and find out why.