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Painting & Sand Blasting

Painting, Sand Blasting, & Media Blasting


Key Benefits

  • Good craftsmanship and paint products give you a long lasting quality product that will improve your image and add years of life to your equipment.
  • With the ability to bring the men and equipment to your job site, it saves you time, expense and headache.
  • Inside a plant or in the field, on the roof or on the ground, our painters are qualified and take pride in their work.
  • Sand and Media blasting to get those hard to do projects done quickly.
  • Capabilities

    With many years experience and the right equipment for the job, we can add a new look to equipment, buildings, machinery and just about anything else that will hold paint. Our painters are all trained and experienced with many types of paints and synthetic coverings. From engine and heat resistant paints, to roof and floor protection, we have you covered. Most paint jobs or up-grades start with a clean surface, Presser can do clean up too. We get your project down to bare metal for a good smooth finish that won't let go.

    Capability 1

  • With free estimates and guaranteed pricing you get the type, color and brand of paint you want, at an excellent price
  • Capability 2

  • Different paints require different applications, we have qualified personnel on staff so you get the right paint at the right thickness for the the right application.
  • Added components for texture or grip? We can design what works best for your project.
  • Capability 3

  • Sand and Media blasting is an important part of cleaning and preparation of surfaces to be painted. We have the modern equipment to do the job inside or out. With confined space entry in our job scope we can handle about any job for you.